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Commercial Roofing Services Throughout Atlanta Metro Area

commercial roofing

Our Roswell roofing company offers light commercial roofing services throughout the Atlanta Metro area. Our commercial roofing work focuses on small to medium commercial buildings, multi-family, and multi-use commercial buildings along with their related buildings and structures.

With Canopy Construction, you'll have a dedicated crew leader and a full crew of talented roofers who are experienced in commercial roofing. We do quick but accurate work that conforms to all related building code requirements and will make sure the inspections pass with flying colors. We don't want any delays that cause problems for your business.

If a full commercial roofing replacement is needed for your building, we will provide all the work that is needed to do the full scope of the work. And, if an insurance claim is involved in the repairs or replacement, we'll help you fight for every dollar you're owed.

Please feel free to call for any information you may need or to schedule service. We are available for commercial roof inspections (Free), roof repairs, and roof replacements.

  • Commercial Roof Inspections
  • Commercial Roof Repairs
  • Commercial Roof Replacements
  • Insurance Restorations

Quality Commercial Roofing Materials & Service

Commercial roofing systems are far different from those on homes. The roof structure is larger and weighs a ton more. The proper commercial roofing materials need to be used during commercial roof repairs and replacements. Additionally, the work needs to be done in a correct way or the commercial roof can get weakened in just a short amount of time.

Our number one focus at Canopy Construction is to make sure you have a safe and well-sealed roof that doesn't leak into your commercial building structure. Our Atlanta roofers never cut corners by using sub-grade roofing materials or shortcuts in our work. This is just the ethical way we handle our business.

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If you are looking for an Atlanta Metro Area commercial roofing company, please call 770-250-6391 or complete our online consultation form.