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Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing

Are you a licensed and insured Atlanta roofing company?

Canopy Construction is a fully insured and licensed residential and light commercial roofing company. We make sure our services are dependable by hiring experienced roofers who have integrity.

Since we are a family owned and run company, we have a strong commitment to the Greater Atlanta communities and to the quality of roofing services we provide.

You say you are GAF Ceritified but what does that mean to me?

When our GAF Certified roofers provide roof replacements and repairs, our certification means that you have access to superior warranties and workmanship. We are thoroughly trained by this manufacturer to install their top-quality materials, and we make sure the job gets done right.

Whether you need a roofer who will take care of just a few repairs or who can tear down and replace your roof efficiently and effectively, you'll get nothing but the best from Canopy Construction.

I am having constant problems with my commercial flat roof, why does it keep leaking?

If you've had your commercial flat roof repaired over and over again, it sounds like the roofing materials are degraded beyond simple repairs.

There are coatings that can be applied to either make it last a few more years longer or you may need to replace the materials entirely. Call us and we'll inspect the problem and let you know what's going on.

Does your Atlanta roofing company give free estimates?

Homeowners in the area know they can depend on our quality services and competitive prices. Call today for a FREE estimate from our expert roofers who have the experience to handle every problem, large or small.

How should I handle roof damage after hail storms?

Good question! The first thing you want to do after roof damage from hail storms is to call your homeowner's insurance company. This will get the insurance claims process started. There are a lot of details to this process and it does get complicated.

The second thing you should do is call an Atlanta roofing company. If you call us, we'll give you details about what to expect from the process and what needs to be done. You'll also get a free roof inspection with a written report to submit to your insurance company.

How do I know whether it's best to repair or replace my roof?

It sounds like you're probably asking whether it's best to repair or replace your roof based on the advice you've received from a roofer. You can always get a second opinion if you aren't sure about their advice, and we can provide that.

Generally, the decision of roof repair vs. a replacement comes down to how long the roof can last if repairs are continued, how expensive that would be, and whether or not the replacement would be more cost-effective for you.

Just remember, leaks can turn into expensive major damage very quickly so be sure to get professional help.

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If you are looking for a professional Atlanta Metro Area roofing company, please call 770-250-6391 or complete our online consultation form.