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What To Do About Roof Repairs After Hail Storm Damage In Milton, GA

roof hail damage

Did a recent hail storm damage your roof in Milton, GA? Or, perhaps you want to know what to do in case a hail storm causes damage to your home and how to get roof repairs fast. Storms can cause significant damage to the structure, enough so that the roof repairs could mean an entire replacement. Hail often comes with high winds and possibly tornadoes. Any roof damage can lead to big problems within the structure of your home too.

At the first sign of trouble, you'll need to the best action to take after the hail storm damage to get started on the roof repairs. Let us first say; What you should NOT do about roof repairs after hail damage is to do nothing!

In fact, even if you notice no damage to the roof from the hail, there very likely could be damage that you can't see or don't notice. Just saying, hail damage is not always that easy to spot on a roof unless you're trained to look for it.

What To Do First If You Have Hail Damage

The first thing you should do after storm damage is to make sure that you and your Milton family are safe. If you smell gas or see power lines touching the house, evacuate the area. If the roof has suffered damage by a tree limb or other severe impact, it is also wise to leave.

Call Your Homeowner's Hazard Insurance Company

Calling your insurance company after hail damage is also another important action to take, even before you start trying to find professional help with the roof repairs.

Your insurance company will send their own inspector to provide an assessment of the hail damage so they can later determine what type of roof repairs you need. You should realize this inspector works for the insurance company, so of course, they do not have your best interests in mind.

Book Your Appointment With A Milton Roofing Company

After you determine that the hail damage or storm damage wasn't structural, call a Milton roofing company.You'd better make that phone call fast because you can bet your neighbors are already making their roof repairs appointments and the roofers in town are getting booked up.

It can be hard to find someone to help with roof repairs after hail storms in Milton because an entire neighborhood of families is already calling local roofers.

Choose A Roofer Who Provides Storm Damage Roof Inspections & Insurance Claims Service

If you don't have help with a private roof inspection and insurance claims service while you're trying to get your roof repaired, you can expect to go through a tiresome, troublesome, and often frustrating insurance claims experience to restore your roof after hail damage.

On the opposite end, if it all happens easily enough, then you're more than likely paying out of pocket for some of the costs when you shouldn't be.

The Roofer's Hail Damage Inspection

When you call a local roofer for repairs after hail damage, you'll want to see if they offer free roof inspections. The storm damage needs to be assessed and documented by an experienced master roofer who is certified to perform professional roof inspections.

We can't say what other roofing companies would do, but we cover the roof's condition thoroughly and list the details of the roof repairs, the costs, and the materials. The roof inspection that we provide at Canopy Construction will be very useful for your insurance damage claim.

We can also help you cover the roof temporarily with a tarp to protect your home from further damage until we can take care of the roof repairs for you.

The Roofer's Insurance Claims Service

The roofing company you choose may offer storm damage claims assistance as a free part of their roof repairs service. We do here at Canopy Construction. This means that the roofing company has insurance adjusters on staff to represent their customers throughout the process of roof restoration.

The roofers and the insurance adjusters we provide will fight for your best interests every step of the way. Your roof should be completely repaired to a specific restored condition, and we'll do everything possible to make sure it is.

If you are looking for a Milton roofing company for Hail Damage services, please call 770-250-6391 or complete our online consultation form.