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How To Know If You Need Roof Repairs Or A Replacement In Atlanta

roof repairs vs replacement

Even if you've been told by an Atlanta roofer that you need to have your roof replaced, it's not necessarily true. So, it's good to get as much information as you can about roof repairs vs. a replacement. At Canopy Construction, it's not surprising that a roofer may not be as honest and straightforward with customers as they should.

Sometimes a customer is told that roof repairs can't be done anymore if the roofer doesn't have the knowledge to fix the issue. And then, there are those out there who only care about the almighty dollar.

Get A Second Opinion About The Roof Replacement

Our advice is to get a second opinion if you've been told you need a roof replacement but still aren't sure. The best course of action is to find an Atlanta roofer who will give you a free estimate. You can call us for a free roof inspection and estimate anytime.

If you're just wondering for your own sake, that's a tough question to answer here. Your roof needs to be inspected by a professional so you have all the information you need to make a good decision about roof repairs vs. a replacement. We can give you a free roof inspection, just call our Atlanta roofers at Canopy Construction.

How You Can Spot Major Roof Damage

There may be some things you can check, but keep in mind that crawling around in small attic spaces isn't easy and getting on a roof puts you at risk of falling. If you're limber and fit enough, it shouldn't be a problem to check your own roof, otherwise, please get an Atlant roofer for professional help.

Generally speaking, if you walk around your roof and feel any give under your feet at all, you've needed a roof replacement for a while now. Those weak spots are dangerous even to you as you test for structural strength.

It's not uncommon for pro roofers to fall right through a weak spot in the roof so don't test with both feet planted on a weak spot, please, and walk slowly and carefully around the entire roof.

Most often it's the shingles that show the wear. Look closely at your asphalt shingles for hairline cracks. There may just be one area of the roof with cracked shingles or the entire roof could be covered with them.

Also, check the shingle edges along the roof line. They overhang slightly, so they aren't too hard to see from the ground. Look for pieces missing and damage. Those shingles should be straight. You can also bend them if you get a ladder to see if they are still flexible or if they act stiff and then break.

Cracked or damaged shingles all over the roof is a sure sign you've needed a roof replacement for a while too. Otherwise, a pro Atlanta roofer will need to give provide you with an inspection.

  • Test the strength of the roof deck to look for weak spots
  • Make sure you don't fall through the roof
  • Examine most of the roof shingles to look for cracks
  • Examine the edges of the asphalt shingles along the roof line for damage

If you are looking for an Atlanta Roof Replacement expert, please call 770-250-6391 or complete our online consultation form.