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Canopy Construction: Your Roswell Roofing Company

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If you own a home in Roswell or own a commercial building here, you know all about how the weather can affect your roof. Our experienced roofing company is ready to help you in when you need it.

The sun, heat, humidity, and temperature changes all work at your roof structure to wear it down. Then there are the hail and wind storms that everyone has to deal with from time to time. As a roof ages, it becomes more vulnerable to this harsh weather.

Our expert residential and light commercial roofers at Canopy Construction can help you keep your roof in good repair as it ages. You can count our Roswell roofing company to provide honest, quality roof repairs, replacements, inspections, and other services.

Roof Repairs & Replacements

You may need roof repairs and not even realize it. Your Roswell roof structure expands and contracts constantly every day and night. When the warm day sun heats up the temperature, your roofing materials expand, then at nightfall, the temperatures cool off and the materials contract. This constant back and forth will cause shingles to crack.

Your roof actually gets put under a lot of stress. You probably know how hot the attics get here in Roswell, so it's easy to understand the truth of this. Cracked shingles aren't usually noticeable from the ground. Let us perform a roof inspection once a year to be sure you don't need roof repairs.

Free Roof Inspections

As mentioned, there can be hidden problems with any roof structure. Our Roswell roofing company wants you to be sure that there's no risk of roof leaks, so we offer our roof inspections for free.

We check everything from the bottom to the hip ridges and chimney, and all through the attic spaces. Then, we'll provide a written roof inspection report so you have documentation of any damage and the cost of the roof repairs.

Commercial Roofing

Commercial roof maintenance should include getting a professional roof inspection every six months or so. Inspecting the flat roof for leaks after every major storm is also highly important to avoid water damage problems.

There are other necessary maintenance tasks for commercial roofing, whether it's a pitched roof or flat. The drainage system on a flat roof needs to be kept clear of debris or there could be water pooling on the roof.

If this happens to your Roswell flat roof, the additional weight could cause significant problems for your business. Blisters are a common problem and so are creases. Gravel needs to be added and roof coatings should be reapplied.

When you need commercial roof maintenance, call Canopy Construction. We know how to take care of it for you. Let us help you avoid extensive damage by keeping the structure in great shape.

Insurance Claims

In addition to roof repairs and replacements, our roofing company provides insurance claims assistance to clients. We act as the go-between when it's necessary for you to negotiate the insurance claims payout.

There are many details involved and a lot you may not understand unless you've been through storm damage and dealt with insurance claims before. Let us help you get the most possible to repair your roof or restore it to good condition. We make sure your insurance company is given every detail they need to process your claim accurately.

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