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Canopy Construction: Your Lawrenceville Roofing Company

lawrenceville roofing contractor

Developing a relationship with a Lawrenceville roofing company is a great idea if you own or manage any type of home or building in the area. At Canopy Construction, we make it easy on you to find a good roofer by offering you our free estimate and inspection.

Our roofing company is focused on putting our customers first and providing them with quality work that is done right. We do want to develop a long-term relationship of trust with every client.

We are both residential and light commercial roofers who provide a full line of services. This includes insurance claims assistance after storm damage or impact damage to the roof. Call our Lawrenceville roofing company today so we can assist you with your roof.

Roof Repairs & Replacements

Our roofing company provides expert roof repairs and replacements to Lawrenceville home and business owners. We do repairs and complete replacements of all types of roofing systems including flat roofs, asphalt shingle roofs, metal roofs, and more.

If your roof has been damaged by hail, impacts, high winds, or other storm damage, give us a call. We'll perform a free roof inspection of the damage and give you full details on the labor and materials cost of the roof repairs. Find out what needs to be done to repair or replace your roof today.

Free Roof Inspections

Local homeowners in Lawrenceville can take advantage of our free roof inspections anytime. We perform a detailed inspection of your roofs condition and test for leaks. The information you get from our roof inspection will cover what you should expect from your roof over the next few years as well as what repairs need to be made now.

Our roof inspector is experienced and certified to perform residential and light commercial roof inspections in Lawrenceville. Our busiest time is just after storms but we do perform regular roof inspections as a part of roof maintenance or when our customers are buying or selling their house. Let's set up an appointment if it's time for you to get a roof inspection.

Commercial Roofing

Do you own a commercial building in Lawrenceville? The roof of your building is the canopy that protects everything you own underneath including the complete buildings structure, wiring, and all your business assets inside the building. Our point is that if you pay attention to building maintenance at all, the roof is the most important part of the structure to maintain.

Our roofing company can set up an inspection or assist you with regular roof maintenance, repairs, and replacements. We are licensed for light commercial roofing services which include most small to medium-sized buildings up to four stories high.

Insurance Claims

Don't go through the insurance claims process alone when you can get help from our experienced claims adjusters. As a part of our roof repair and replacement services, we assist clients with their insurance claims.

Since we are knowledgeable master roofers, we know the local codes and what it will truly cost to restore your roof. Then, our insurance adjuster negotiates the claims payout to help you get the most instead of paying for a portion of the restoration out-of-pocket.

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If you are looking for a professional Lawrenceville roofing company, please call 770-250-6391 or complete our online consultation form.